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Selected Clients




Suddenly everything works!

Naomi Elbinger
illuminea : web development + marketing

Rena is a true professional who makes all your web development problems disappear. Suddenly everything works! She is reliable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!


Rena is highly intelligent and highly motivated.

Naama Bamberger
Senior Software Engineer at NDS

Rena is highly intelligent and highly motivated. As a director of the content department (which she had built from scratch) she was responsible for relationships with content providers, managing the programmers who integrated the content, managing the content editors who wrote original content to the company's site, researching new ideas and writing code herself. Somehow, Rena managed to do it all, with a smile.


(Gil) combines strong strategic vision with deep technical knowledge

Jonathan Maissel
Project Manager & UX Expert

It was a pleasure working for Gil at Answers.com. He put together a Product Management dream team and guided it to achieve great things. He combines strong strategic vision with deep technical knowledge. He considers all aspects of the business ( e.g. website, mobile, monetization, apps, tools, community, social, content, UGC, quality etc.), in order to specify the products needed. His developer background gives him the ability to consider implementation trade-offs and dive down into the fine details of the design. He created a unique team atmosphere, where team members could work together, laugh together, and truly collaborate, each contributing their respective talents to maximum effect. Gil is a wiz with analytics, user metrics and revenue reports, using them to identify issues and often trace back to their source. He has a deep knowledge of SEO and is a recognized expert, speaking at industry conferences around the world. It was a pleasure working with Gil and I would be extremely happy to work with him again!