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Gil is an enthusiastic leader

Gil is an enthusiastic leader

Gil was my direct manager for more then 5 years. Much of my personal growth as a Product Manager is due to his mentoring and guidance. Gil is an enthusiastic leader who is able to gather all employees around an exciting and realistic product vision. He taught me a lot of what I know about SEO, Content Management and Web Analytics. I value his opinion and will keep seeking his mentoring in the field of Product Management.

Knows how to get the best out of people

Knows how to get the best out of people

Working for Gil was a very smooth and fulfilling experience. The door to his office was always open and he greeted my sometimes-wacky ideas with true professionalism. Gil really allowed me to flourish in my role and maximize my potential contribution to the company while also teaching me a great deal about important issues such as SEO strategy. He is an excellent manager and certainly knows how to get the best out of people. I’d work for and with Gil again at any time in the future!

Gil was an excellent manager

Gil was an excellent manager

Gil took Answers.com forward in the world of SEO, positioning the site content to gain visibility and traction. He worked to cultivate relationships with key players in the SEO industry, often gaining insight that was later applied to the site.

As a leader, and as a person, Gil is creative and humble. His gears always turning, Gil is open to ideas from the most senior to the newest member of his team. He has that rare ability to detach from an invested position and adjust course when needed, without looking back. For our team, this attitude set a tone of trust, honesty and a welcomeness for thinking outside the box.

Gil’s encouraging approach was not limited to the office; he also shared his knowledge with the search community at large, speaking at conferences around the world and blogging about management or SEO.

Always ready with a laugh, and the fastest speaker I’ve ever met, Gil was an excellent manager who recognized the abilities of his team and enabled us to do what we do best without interfering. I look forward to working with him again one day.