Managing Greatness is focused on great teams and communities creating and spreading great content. Our particular specialties are web communities and greatness-based SEO.

We opened for business in August 2011 and were quickly greeted by many former colleagues who either hired us or (apparently) warmly recommended us to friends and family who hired us. It has been extremely gratifying.

We’ve experienced the flow and fulfillment from being part of great teams doing great things. And we’ve experienced the opposite. We’re committed to helping as many people as possible experience the former.

We provide consulting and implementation services to help companies engage their community and leverage the internet to grow their businesses. Our services include

  • Strategic consulting
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Web site development

If you’re trying to create and spread great content, please let us know how we can do great things together.

Managing Greatness was founded by Rena and Gil Reich.

Gil Reich

Gil, who is no longer involved in Managing Greatness, was part of the founding team at the company that became Answers.com. His positions there included Creative Director, Director of Engineering, and VP of Product Management.

Gil has enjoyed speaking about content strategy, link building, community generated content, and other search topics at search conferences in Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, London, Jerusalem and Toronto.

Rena ReichRena led the content team at Answers.com, driving the strategy and implementation of content acquisition, development, and integration. She also builds web sites, develops and executes social media strategies, and runs web communities. The Pet Wiki is a particular love of hers. Rena is a vegan and blogs about that on Vegan Start.

Our professional lives have been at the intersection of knowledge, technology, and people. Managing Greatness is dedicated to helping people use technology to connect with each other and to spread knowledge.