Uh-oh. Now my mom wants a Pug :-)

Well, my mom has gotten really into this wiki thing. She just completed an entry on Pugs. Now she wants one. I wonder how many dogs she’ll have by the time she finishes the Wiki :-).

There are some dogs that she doesn’t like. She’s a bit nervous to say anything negative about her furry friends. I keep on trying to assure her that she should be honest and tell it like it is. I doubt that the dogs themselves will care. Since it’s a wiki, if a pet owner disagrees with her, they are welcome to edit it. We’ll see how things progress.

Google has found her site. Unfortunately it’s only spidered a couple of the pages so far. As soon as the content is more complete, I think that it will be time to post it to other places.

It’s exciting to see how much work she’s done and how it’s all coming together. It should be fun.