Top 15 Video Marketing Tips from Social Media Day Jerusalem

Great video marketing lessons from Mashable Social Media Day in Jerusalem last week. Here were the best:

  1. People want to feel connected. Personal video makes people feel less isolated. People want to see people like themselves. Create content that is personal.
  2. Video can inform and entertain like no other medium. It’s more about engagement than about spreading a message. Bring your audience in.
  3. There are an infinite stories that you can tell about your product. Who’s using your product and how are they using it?
  4. Remember that Facebook users are mostly on mobile! See it through the mobile user’s eyes.
  5. Twitter and Instagram allow you to post 15 seconds of videos.
  6. You don’t need crew and production company. We all have a HD camera in our pockets.
  7. Boosting doesn’t help much with videos. If it’s a good video you don’t need to boost it, and if it’s bad, boosting won’t help.
  8. Promoting video means nothing unless there’s a Call To Action! Gotta get them to a landing page. Put your call to action at the beginning of your video, not at the end, to make sure you’re capturing people who drop out.
  9. Must engage within first 5 seconds. No intro, animation … cut to the chase.
  10. Do NOT get creative in terms of your title or description on YouTube – make it findable/searchable.
  11. Would I share this with my friends if I saw this? If not, don’t make it.
  12. You used to be able to buy fake views on Fiverr. Don’t do that anymore.
  13. Video advertising: You can choose which YouTube video you want your ad to play before. Sign up for Adwords video account. You can get $100 coupon for when you spend $25.
  14. Facebook will show more of your content if people share the content you post. So part of your strategy should include sharing other people’s viral videos.
  15. Take a video of a day in your life. Put it up. Tag some of your friends. I’m sure people will love to see it. (I suspect this works better for some people than for others).

Bonus tips: You can find solutions on YouTube how to hack and make professional looking videos! We are a DIY generation, we can learn anything on YouTube. Video editing is just chopping something up, putting the bits in order, adding music, an intro & an outro. That’s it.

These tips are from

  • Sarah Snow @SarahGlide
  • Akiva Ben Ezra @akivadbenezra
  • Shara Shetrit @SocialShara
  • Mordecai Holtz @mordecaiholtz

Thanks to

  • Hillary Faverman @HillaryFave
  • Daniel Cohen (@danielcohen82)

for their great Tweets.

Thanks to Real Streets Jerusalem for the picture.

And thanks to Hadassah Levy (@Hadassah_Levy) for putting this all together!