Technical Difficulties…

My mom has been working so hard, adding excellent content to The Pet Wiki, that I thought I’d do something nice for her. I bought her a new beautiful 22″ flat screen monitor so that she no longer has to squint when she writes. I went to hook up the monitor to her computer, but it wouldn’t work. Her old computer couldn’t recognise her “plug n’ play” monitor that didn’t come with any drivers. I hooked the old monitor up to look for new drivers, and installed them, but when I turned the computer back on, it kept rebooting itself. My mom’s computer is not a new computer. I should have expected that something like that might happen. When I tried to use the old monitor again, the same reboot cycle kept on happening.

When I told my mom what was happening, she told me that she’s been having problems for a while. My son goes away to school, so we decided that we would give my mom my son’s computer, which is in fine working condition. My son has been a great sport about it.┬áMost of the stuff my mom does is on the internet, so she basically didn’t lose any data. The only thing that I’ll need to do is to help her make mp3s out of her CDs again. It will take some time, but it’s very doable.

My son is currently home visiting for Spring break. I love having him home, but the problem with that now is that I have to share my computer with him. He likes mine better, and has been using it anyway, but now I can’t pull rank and take it back, telling him to use his own computer.

I really want to get started working on creating a new skin for The Pet Wiki. We installed a MediaWiki development environment on my computer. It works great. Now all I need is that computer. My son goes back to school tomorrow, so I’ll get it back shortly, but it won’t really help me because I’m going on a three day business trip, and I’m only taking my work computer.

When my son is home for the summer, we’ll need to get another computer, so we can all be happy. Until then, I’ll be conflicted every time he comes home. That sounds really melodramatic. The truth is that I’ll just suffer in silence.

This whole thing starting from trying to do something nice. Like my mother always says “No good deed goes unpunished.”