400 and counting…

We have now over400 followers on our twitter account. I know that we could get a ton more if we were willing to follow the world. It seems that there is a group of people out there that think you should follow everyone that follows you. I don’t think that that makes sense for a tight knit community, like the pet community. They seem to generally care about one another. We’re following over 200 people right now, and actually try to read all the tweets that they post. You can  find a lot of great information that way. I think that if you make a commitment to follow someone, you really should read what they write.

There is this school of thought that you should follow everyone. For some people and organizations, that may be true. They say that it’s snobbish not to. These people have way too many people that they follow to actually read the tweets that get sent. Are they saying that it’s important for other people to read what they have to say, but not visa-versa?

For companies and twitter celebs, I understand the need to get the word out and doing all the follows will allow more people to see what’s getting said. It loses the personal touch and the sense of community. For a company, it makes sense. We have the luxury of not needing to do that.

I find it very interesting that the actual 400th follower was the CEO of the company I work for. I never knew he liked animals. I tried to convince him that we should use twitter more aggressively in our company. Maybe he’s thinking about it and perhaps he’ll take my advice.