Making Money on Twitter

No, this post is not about another get rich scheme. I was recently at a conference where the discussion of making money on Twitter came up. What I got out of it was that there was basically no way to make money directly through social media. At least not short term money. That just ain’t so.

Every month, without fail, my anipals, led by in infamous Romeo the Cat, throws a paw pawty on Twitter. helps out by giving a secure way to donate to the causes voted on by animals all over the internet. Every month I’m amazed at the generosity that is shown by people all over the world for different animal causes.

These pawties are always themed. The one that took place this weekend happened to be Olympic themed, but I’ve been to others that have been Las Vegas, Farm and Beach themed. There’s even been a wedding between pets on different continents. There’s always a DJ, and there’s always a bartender (who else is going to server the virtual meowmosas?)

These aren’t just a few fancy hash tags that are thrown up on Twitter that people hope get a bit of attention. There is organization involved with the whole movement. People who sign up to keep the drinks flowing and the music going. There is support day and night – the whole length of the pawty. Gifts are donated and prizes are given for quizzes that need answers. It’s a ton of fun.

The problem with making immediate money on Twitter is not that it can’t be done. It takes some work, but it’s really possible – my anipals have taught me that. The problem is that these amazing (dare I say it) people, are doing it selflessly. They are doing it for a higher purpose. And doesn’t everyone want to be involved with that?