& Beyond

I’m thrilled to announce that:Answers and Beyond

  • I will continue working with, helping to drive content strategy. I’ve been with since the beginning and I’m really looking forward to helping the team take it to the next level. We can, and will, build the most trusted and comprehensive collection of answers on the web.
  • I will also be working with other companies, helping them create great content, and connecting that content to the people who need it.
  • I will be spending more time writing and speaking.

I’m also very excited that one of my first clients will be Chris Whitten, who has built a great genealogy site, WikiTree. Chris is the brilliant mind that created WikiAnswers and I’m excited to be working with him again.

I love writing and speaking, and I’ve received enough positive feedback that I’m going to be spending more time on those activities. I also love working with people to create great sites. I’m very happy that Answers is allowing me to continue playing a leadership role there while also pursuing other dreams. The final and greatest perk is that I’ll be working closely with my wonderful wife.

This is an exciting new stage for me. And if there’s something great we can do together, please let me know.