Twits Need Not Apply

Twitter Bird

If you’re a Twit, somebody who spends a lot of time on Twitter, you need not apply because:

  1. Some issues involve more than 140 characters.
  2. Hello? You’re supposed to working.
  3. It offends me that you think people care what you had for breakfast.
  4. Not all spelling and grammar rules are optional.
  5. Because Twitter is so 2008.
  6. I’m ADD enough for the whole company.

BTW, I don’t actually believe any of the things I wrote above. But it was fun to write, I was wondering if I could get a reaction, and I just finished reading 6 Things Derek Powazek taught us about linkbait. I’m pretty sure this paragraph broke his rule #1.

Being a good citizen of the Twitterverse is actually a plus. If you’re also a NY-based Director of Community or a Jerusalem based Product Manager, Engineer, or QA Engineer, please see our Jobs page.