Best of SMX Israel

Another great conference! Here were the best lines and lessons:

Best ideas

Merry Morud On Facebook you can edit the headlines on articles you post. So I changed the headline on the SMX Israel article to “SMX Israel welcomes Merry Morud.” My family doesn’t get how this stuff works, so they just think I’m awesome.Best of SMX Israel

Merry Morud: Just signing up for Twitter’s promoted Tweets program and putting a little money in gets you access to great analytics or your non-promoted Tweets too.

Eli Feldblum: Brand name + coupon is one of the most frequent keywords for most brands. So put up a coupons page. You don’t even need coupons. See Zappos’ coupon page.

Eli Feldblum: Don’t just write and promote new posts, resurrect the old ones. Keep the same URL and periodically add a paragraph, change the angle, change the headline. Re-promote it. Accumulate social signals and links.

Aaron Friedman: Do a site search on for long boring information. Make it fun and digestible and exciting.

Aaron Friedman: I think Google took keyword data away because people were creating crap content for it.

Alan K’necht: If you switch your site to SSL Bing & Yahoo will pass the data.

Ari Nahmani: How many of you read BuzzFeed? How many of you write on it. Only 3 of you, and 2 of you are from Kahena [his company]. Write a good list, where a great piece of content of yours is relevant to embed as 1 of the numbers.

Ari Nahmani: Remarketing works well for posts that do well organically. Send engaged users to a post they haven’t read. [Hat tip: @Hadassah_Levy]

Eli Feldblum: Wikipedia isn’t as tight or anti-corporate as it was a few years ago. If a company executive is mentioned in a few real news articles, you can give him or her a Wikipedia profile. You can fill out infoboxes with updated information even if it’s about a corporate entity that’s your client.

Barry Schwartz: There are Googlers in the room. Talk to them to get help. They won’t bite. Though they may penalize you later.

Tom Harari: You’d be surprised at the kind of influencer friends you can make in a year. [he gave some good tips to do it].

Ari Roth: Take successful search & display ads to video – 50% report lower CPA and higher engagement! [Hat tip: @Hadassah_Levy]

Most unexpected advice:

John Mueller: HTTPS isn’t exactly a ranking factor today but users want a secure web and you should be moving that way.

Best Tweets

David Wiseman ‏@daw1975 : Asked some1 his name at #smx as his lanyard was backwards. His answer : “not provided”
Not to play into stereotypes of Jews being obsessed with food, but:
Ben Heligman ‏@bheligman  thank you to the @inbalhotel for the best meal I have had in months. Oh and for hosting.
Ari Nahmani ‏@AriNahmani : #SMXIsrael’s new slogan should be: “SMX Israel – we do it for the lunch” – cc: @inbalhotel
Ari Roth ‏@aroth26: Rating prompt idea: do you enjoy app? Y/N? if No, direct to feedback, NOT rating page! #genius [Hey whose idea was this?]

Best coverage

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