Jerusalem Scaventures

Rena's Team for the Scavenger HuntI was invited to go to the 4th Annual Scaventures hunt in Jerusalem this morning. All I can say is what fun! It can be really hard to make time for fun, especially on a weekday, but sometimes it’s just worth it.

I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like this before. The last scavenger hunt I was on was in grade school. We had to find things like red shoes and tootsie rolls that our summer camp counselors placed all over camp. (Don’t eat the tootsie rolls until you check in otherwise you lose points!)

I need to give a lot of credit to Tali, who runs Israel Scaventures. The scavenger hunt that she put together was fun and educational. We all started out with our instructions, map and anything else we needed to complete our mission. They were printed on thick cards and bound in a spiral book. The pictures of what we needed to look for were beautiful.

We had to not only find stuff, but also figure out the significance of each of the 11 destinations.

We broke up into 3 groups. Mine, of course, was the best. We quickly figured out people’s strengths and divided out the tasks as we saw fit. It was nice not being the only competitive person in the group.

Smartphone are welcomed and encouraged. Some of the answers were provided in the text that came with the clues. For others we needed to look up stuff on the internet. And of course everything got posted to the Scaventures facebook page.

Tali has prepared a bunch of different Scaventures and is in the process of creating more. The one that we did was in Yemin Moshe. She has Scaventures in the Old City, Nachlaot, Gush Etzion, Tzfat and the Shuk. I look forward to trying another one out next year!