Almost Done with Dogs…

My mom has really been at it. She has almost completed writing pages for all the dog breeds on the list and only has two left. Her latest loves are Beagles. She wrote the entry for Beagles a few days ago and has added a bunch since then. Considering that she hasn’t latched on to another breed, it must be love.

I’ve been playing around with redirects on her site. It won’t have any SEO affect, but it should make for a better user experience if a user does a direct search. If a user looks up Sheltie, they with now get to the Shetland Sheepdog page.

My daughter has gotten into the act as well. She has created a logo for the site. It’s not the final logo, but it’s a good start. It’s a bit ironic that the dogs are almost done, but it’s a picture of a cat. We recently got her a digitizer, and she’s doing amazing things with it.