300 and counting…

This blog has been a fun way for me to document all the goings on in The Pet Wiki. This past week has been Passover, so I haven’t been able to add as much stuff as I would have liked to. Even so, the twitter account is doing well. We now have over 300 followers. It’s cool when others re-tweet stuff that you have to say or that they tell others to follow you. It gives validation to what you are doing.

Since this has been a slow time for the site, I’ve mostly been tweeting about other people’s stuff. I’m pretty selective in what I RT. I try to stay away from things that are too controversial. No politics (unless you call the new first dog, Bo, political). There is so much great info that people are tweeting about that I feel a need to share.

Today is the day (hopefully) that we create a real development environment for the MediaWiki. We’ve been uploading files here and there, but I’d like to give the site a real face lift. I also want to be able to add ThePetWiki to AllTop, so I need to get the RSS feed working correctly. For all changes, it works, but not for new pages added. If you use the original skin that the MediaWiki comes with, all is good. The modified Cavendish skin seems to get it wrong.

I really want to take a serious look at the site and figure out what parts we need and what we don’t. There are a lot of things there that can distract users. I want to make it crystal clear that ther content can be edited and improved. We need to figureĀ a way to draw people’s eyes to those kind of areas so they know that those areas exist. I’ve been thinking about going to a third party to see if there is something that they can do to help. I’ll take a stab at it myself first.