500 and counting…

I wonder if and when saying that we’ve gotten another 100 followers on twitter is no big deal. I find it very exciting to see the number climb. I wonder how many of the people that have recently started following The Pet Wiki on twitter are actually real people. Out of those real people, I wonder how many are actually reading our tweets. People retweet my stuff and tell people to follow me on #followfriday. They say hello to me on #meowmonday and #woofwednesday. I hope that they are enjoying what they see.

I get an email every time a new person starts following The Pet Wiki on Twitter. There have been a lot of suspect people following lately, but since the number of followers hasn’t grow grown as quickly as the number of emails, I guess people in the land of Twitter have been doing a pretty good job of cleaning out the junk. It’s annoying when people are constantly retweeting the same thing over and over again, trying to sell you something.

I check out all the followers. I am less interested in hearing about what the line is like at Starbucks and more interested in people who talk about animals. Maybe I’m making the wrong assumption, but I just assume that someone who follows little unknown twitterers like us, don’t really want to know if I broke a nail. As a person, I’m not all that interesting. What makes us interesting are the pages on the web that we find and share. I’ll leave the other kind of tweeting to people like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher.