Setting Up Our New Consulting Business

In April 2009 I began Managing Greatness as a blog to discuss one of my passions, helping great people create and market great products and services. I’ve experienced the flow and fulfillment from being part of great teams doing great things. And I’ve experienced the opposite. I’m committed to helping as many people as possible experience the former and avoid the latter.

Last month Managing Greatness went from being a blog to a business. My wife and I are providing everything from strategic consulting (my favorite) to implementation (my wife’s) for companies that would like to better leverage the web to grow their businesses. We’re particularly interested in using our experience building and growing community websites to help others succeed on the web.

So far it’s been phenomenally gratifying. Many of our former colleagues have either hired us or (apparently) warmly recommended us to their friends and relatives, who have hired us. Just changing my Linked In profile was enough to bring in a few people I hadn’t talked to in years.

This is business as I’ve always wanted it to be. Find areas where you can really help others do great things, and hope they increase their engagement and tell their friends.

Our marketing strategy is centered around engaging others, sharing thoughts, establishing authority, and helping clients succeed.

It’s been a learning experience dealing with the bureaucratic and administrative tasks involved in getting a new business off the ground. I have to admit I like the marketing and strategic aspects more than the legal and accounting aspects. Fortunately there are others who prefer those areas.

Tomorrow night we’re relaunching this site, with the focus on the business, not the blog. And we just put up our Facebook page (can you please like it?)

On Sunday we’re off to New York for a week to meet with some clients and to attend SMX East. If you’re going to be there, we’d love to meet up!