Google Now marketing: Get your business processes and relationships into Google

Google Now
Google Now appointment

In the 90s businesses had to get their computer networks to know all of the information that was in their paper documents. They even had to teach those computers how to talk to other companies’ computers. It was a lot of work, and there were a lot of missteps, but the information revolution really did deliver on its promises.

Internet marketers are at a similar stage today. In what we used to call “the real world” we may have products and services. Hopefully we have satisfied customers. We may have a physical location. Our customers may have appointments. The more we move this information into the cloud, the more Google and others can connect us to our market.

Printout of appointment?

“Would you like a printout of your next appointment?” the receptionist asked after my last dentist appointment. She made the appointment on her computer, of course. This isn’t the 80s. But instead of sending it to my phone she handed me a printout. This was a glorious waste on all levels.

The conversation could have been:

“Can you give me your email address so I can send you the appointment?”


Google review action
Google review action

The appointment would go directly into my calendar. In the same e-mail, she can ask me to connect with her on those networks. She can ask me to give her a review or testimonial on Google+ or Yelp or Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Google Now will remind me the day before, and give me directions, and contact information. And if I left a good review Google will be more likely to tell the next customer about this dentist.

SEO isn’t just about letting Google know about your pages. It’s also about letting Google know about your products and processes and relationships.

This post is the first in a series on search marketing ideas being presented at SMX Israel. This was part of my Google Now talk captured on Slidehsare (with audio, through April 30) and YouTube.