Birds, Rodents and Reptiles are now complete!

My mom has really been at it. She has writen all the base content for The Pet Wiki. If you want to know anything about a Talking Mynah, or a Ferret or a Kingsnake, her site is the place to go.

What’s up next? She has started writing pages for dog pet care. After that, she’ll start on cats. There were some breeds of dogs that where missing from the top 50 list, so she’s gone back to add them.

The site is really filling out. There have been a couple of people that have signed up to the site, but it really needs more. My son has also gotten into the act. I’ve suggested that he make the log-in much more prominent. Right now it’s hidden on the side. If there was a big button on the homepage telling people to register, that might be enough to attract more users/contributors.

The Pet Wiki has been seen in 21 countries across the world and 29 states across America. This is a very English based site, so I have no idea what people from Germany or Sweeden see in it. I don’t cate why they come, I just like seeing them.