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Awesome link building tactics and ideas

Ari Nahmani and Tom Harari shared their link building ideas at SMX Israel.

Ari Nahmani

New age link building. 15 minutes, 100 slides. So this will be quick. [Slides are here]

Ari Nahmani

I’m usually not nervous, but this time my wife is here.

The web is no longer the great equalizer.

Once upon a time a decent web site and a few links and you could do well.

Then people started doing tricky link building things and that became the only way to compete.

Stop working with BS companies.

We’re moving from SEO tactics to holistic… Continue reading

Why You Should Still Buy Links

I was on a panel at an SEO conference. An audience member asked “So I shouldn’t buy links?” The panel’s clear answer was no. But somehow unanimous answers make me wonder if we’re giving the full truth. We weren’t.

You should buy links. Just do it right.

Panda and Penguin took practices that made sense on an individual level and penalized you if you did them on a large scale.

For example blog comments. Yes, you should comment on other blogs in your industry. Engage people. Show an interest. Show appreciation. Add to the discussion. Make friends. All good stuff.… Continue reading

Authority Building Versus Link Building In A Search Meets Social World

Session highlights

Session highlights from SMX Advanced 2012 authority & link building session.

Casie Gillette:

  • Get a little wild & crazy. They rebranded to grasshopper. Nobody cares. They Fed-Exed chocolate covered grasshoppers with a link to a video to 500 influencers. Got 200+ news stories. 900K YouTube views. Great links.
  • The most frequently used word in conversations is I. Gave shoutouts to TechCrunch, gizmodo and Mashable in a video called “The New Dork.” Got links.
  • Created “National Entrepreneur’s Day.” It got picked up, and proclaimed by the president. They got a lot of mentions ad links.

 Thomas… Continue reading

Best of Link Building Tips

Here are the best link building tips I’ve heard and read:

Writing Content That Attracts Links
  • Lists:
  • 10 easy tips for …
  • Top 10 myths about …
  • Top [category] Experts (Aaron Wall & Andy Hagans, 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity)
  • (But don’t do Best Of. That’s my thing :-) ).
  • Ego-Stroking:
    • Write about, and link to, companies with “in the news” pages. (Google [your industry + "in the news"].) (Aaron & Andy)
    • Perform surveys and studies that make people feel important. Salary.com did a study on how underpaid mothers were, and they got great links.… Continue reading

    Link Building Strategies and Ranking Tactics

    Great SMX Toronto session with Dawn Wentzell, Shalom Issenberg, and Christina Keffer, with Gillian Muessig moderating.

    Writing content that gets links naturally

    Dawn Wentzell

    Dawn goes first, with great suggestions about writing content that attracts links. The common theme is to do a little legwork, go back to the fundamental ideas of good journalism, and you’ll be rewarded.

    Do original research

    1. Find an article that hasn’t been done before in your niche
    2. Present research visually- graphys, maps, infographics

    Bad news does better than good news. Their “Worst of” lists get a lot more links than the “Best… Continue reading

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