answersAfter working at for 10 years, I recently decided to venture off on my own projects. Last night my company threw me a goodbye party to send me on my way. I have to say that I was really touched. There are really a lot of great people in the company. It’s a very special place.

I wanted to take some time to show my gratitude for all the wonderful experiences that I’ve had at 10 years ago I started out very green. I had some programming knowledge, and could play around in some graphics programs, but I started out without a lot of experience. I want to thank all the people that took me under their wings and helped me develop the tools that I need to succeed on my new venture.

Going from working in a team environment to doing it all on my own is going to be a big adjustment. It was great working with a generous and experienced team that was around to help whenever I needed it.

Beyond a professional level, a lot of the people that I worked with are my friends. I’ll miss seeing them on a daily basis. We’ve celebrated weddings and births together. We’ve been there for illnesses and hard times as well. More than friends, these people are family.

It can be very difficult to say goodbye. Why would I move on from such a loving environment? Sometimes a person needs to grow, and certain opportunities arise that just can’t be passed up. I have this opportunity with The Pet Wiki, and I need to give it a chance to mature and develop.

I hope that The Pet Wiki grows and develops into a team that is close to the caliber of That is one of my goals. It may be a little lonely at the start, and I may have big expectations, but it’s nice to have a role model to try to live up to.

I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people that I’ve worked with over the last 10 years. I wish us all continued success and happiness.