My Post on YOUMoz

YOUMoz just published a post I wrote a month ago The Zeroth Law of Writing for SEO.

YOUMoz is the Guest Post section of SEOMoz, a leading SEO site started by Rand Fishkin (disclosure: who has done some consulting for us). Got to hand it to them, they’ve really nailed this UGC angle. They have a big enough readership (and a big enough SEO base) that authors and consultants who want to establish themselves donate the content in the hope of getting discovered. They also allow live links in the post, so you can get some SEO value for your site. This is the kind of using links as currency that Google seems to accept.

It’s funny, I’m involved in one of the world’s most successful UGC sites (WikiAnswers) and I’ve been writing on this site, yet I get goose bumps whenever I think that other people are reading and commenting on my thoughts. So SEOMoz, you’ve built a nice win-win-win where you, your readers, and the guest authors all benefit through the social creation of quality content. Nicely done.