Finding your inner muse

Muses from Ceaser's Palace
Muses from Ceaser's Palace

I didn’t write a blog post last week. That’s really not like me. I try to get out a post a week. All the experiences that I’ve been going through since I started my own gig have been pretty exciting – at least for me 🙂 . I have a few ideas stored up in my noggin for me to write at a later date, but last week I was totally dry.

It might have something to do with jet lag. I landed on Monday (my blogging day) in the evening, and I was pretty tired from the trip. I went to Pubcon in Las Vegas, which was wonderful and very informative and inspirational. With all that inspiration, you think that the words would have flown out of my fingertips. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way.

I can’t say that this tactic will work for everyone, but there are a few things that I do in order to get in touch with my inner muse:

  • Read: There are a ton of inspirational books out their that can just make you feel like flying. A couple of good ones that I am currently enjoying are Dip, by Seth Godin and The Leap, by Rick Smith. These books do it for me, but my girlfriends turn their noses up at them (you know who you are!)
  • Meditate: I’m not saying that you should find a yogi and become a hermit for a decade, just enjoy the quiet. It sounds easier than it really is. Clear your head from the daily grind, like making shopping lists, thinking about doing laundry or the other things that you’ve been pushing off for as long as possible.
  • Fold the Laundry:  Thinking about the laundry is one thing, actually doing it is another. This might seem counter intuitive, but when you are doing repetitive tasks, like folding laundry or stuffing envelopes, your body works on automatic, leaving your mind free to wander.
  • Get Physical: It’s amazing how moving your body can help with freeing your mind. I sometimes get the best ideas while I’m in my spinning classes, but something as simple as taking a walk can really get the juices flowing. When you’re stuck, the change of scenery is also a plus.
  • Type: Don’t think too much about what your typing. Think of it as a stream of consciousness running through your fingers. Stick with it a  while, and you’ll notice that the nonsense will come to an end and the good stuff will start to flow.
  • Nap: If you’re too strung out, you’re not good to anyone or anything. Take a break, get some sleep, and come back to it fresh and awake.
  • Pet the Cat: I am one of those crazy pet people. You probably already figured that out with my involvement with The Pet Wiki. There is nothing like sitting down and relaxing with feline sitting on your lap, purring away. I think this is something that all us pet people know about. I hope that I didn’t give away any trade secrets. You’d be surprised how something so small can give back so much.

When all else fails, just get started. That blank piece of paper is your friend. It is the start of your next masterpiece!

What do you do to get your juices flowing?