What we can learn from cats

Snoopy, living the good life.
Snoopy, living the good life.

I love animals. I have all my life. I’ve had dogs, birds, rabbits, fish turtles, gerbils – you name it – but the animals that most speaks to my soul are cats. Yes, I’m one of those cat people that you’ve heard about. I am lucky to share my home with three of these precious creatures. I’m even luckier to share my home with a non-pet person who understands my passion. I think he may be coming around. He thinks he’d be happier if the cats limited themselves to one side of his bed and let him get a good night’s sleep. He’ll get over it.

Here are a few things that I think we can learn from our feline friends. They are very good at what they do, so it just makes sense to try to emulate them.

  • Focus – Have you ever seen a cat try to attack a toy? They will strut and look at it from every angle. They will find the best place from which to leap. They will wait for the perfect moment, and then they will spring on their victim. That’s how you should attack all problems. Look at them from every angle, and then pounce on the most effective solution.
  • Landing on your feet – Although this isn’t 100% accurate, it’s pretty close. Cats will take leaps that others are afraid to, and they make it out OK, most of the time. If there is something that you feel is a bit out of your grasp, make the leap. It will give you an opportunity to grow. Sometimes you may not land on your feet, but you’ll never grow without trying.
  • Be independent – Cats are very much their own animals. You may think that you have some control over them, when they let you think that. Be your own person. Take control over your own life.
  • Be curious – I know, that’s what they say kills them. I don’t think that I’ve actually ever heard of a real case where curiosity killed the cat. Cats are curious because they are always looking for something interesting. Whether it’s that little thing flitting around the house, or if they want to see what is in the very far back of the closet, they won’t stop until they get it. Have the desire to learn more about everything.
  • Do what you want – Cats have no inhibitions. If they see something, it’s theirs. If they want to walk on the curtain rod, they will. They don’t care what anyone says. They live the life that they want to live. You should too.
  • Stay clean – Cats spend countless hours a day cleaning themselves. They take time out to care about themselves. It’s important to care about yourself and your worth. Make sure to put your best paw forward.
  • Take naps – Cats sleep 17 hours a day. I’m not sure what life lesson you can learn from this one, but it does seem like a good idea.

I’m sure that there’s a ton more that we can learn from our furry friends. Let me know if you have any more.