Getting the Most out of LinkedIn: 18 Tips

The Social Media Success Summit featured a great session by Lewis Howes, Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn: The Business Social Network. I’ve been on LinkedIn forever, but I learned a lot. Lewis argues that LinkedIn is the most powerful social network. I’m not sure if I agree with him, but he made some very compelling arguments. Here are my take-aways from his session:

Lewis Howes
Lewis Howes
  1. LinkedIn is the #1 social network for people looking to build their business.
  2. You can export your connections to a CSV file
  3. There are 65M Business professionals, 1 person joins every second, and the people are more influential
  4. It’s important to find the right groups
  5. If you want to be found, use 1 or 2 keywords and use them in 5 different places in your profile. You’ll show up higher in people search
  6. Do not put anything next to your name.
  7. Use keywords in your first line headline – your headline is your intro
  8. Put keywords in current and past experience and in your summary and specialties
  9. Increase leads and opportunity
  10. In your summary talk about goals and passions, but don’t use bullet points. Talk about who you are and who you help.
  11. Help people know why they should do business with you
  12. The more recommendations the better – the more you give, the more you receive
  13. Join as many groups as you can (50 is the limit) in your niche
  14. You can message people that are in the groups
  15. Spread your message in the groups
  16. Start groups – you can email all the people in the group and you get branding on the group
  17. Add applications to your profile
  18. Changes show up on everyone’s profiles – very viral