Best of SphinnCon 2010

SphinnCon Israel was great, thanx Barry! Thanks everyone for all your help in generating this post:


Best Speakers:

Best Lines:

  • Sam Michelson: You need to meet with your clients to understand what they really want. I like spending the weekend. With the ones who aren’t in jail.

Best Take-Aways:

  • Gab Goldenberg: Build long term relationships, friendships, reciprocity (not trading). One of the best strategies is guest posting.

Best Gags:

  • Sam Michelson: Fake slide about building reputation for the Mossad.

Best Running Jokes:

  • Dixon Jones after being tweaked by Ari Ozick that Majestic has a bad UI: We have a bad UI because everybody uses Excel anyway … Then I download it into Excel, because we have a lousy UI.

Best Tweets:

  • Shira Abel (@shiraabel): ohhhhhh… dangerous keywords. Oh. Not as exciting as I had hoped…
  • Dan-ya Schwartz (@danjas): I wonder if @neyne knows that his computer is projected. I enjoy following the way his mind work. [I wish I were there].

Best Examples:

  • Vanessa Fox: TSA’s Reputation Management success.
  • Shira Abel: Lower Merion School District’s Reputation Management failure.

Best Interaction:

  • Tomer Honen: Phone went off while he was speaking. Asked if it was for him, said to tell them he’s not here.
  • And then Tomer again, setting up Vanessa. The exchange went something like this:
    • Conference Participant: I got a message that I have too many URLs.
    • Tomer: How many do you have
    • Participant: About 180 million.
    • [After the laughter died down the second punchline came…]
    • Vanessa Fox (from the audience): I programmed that feature!

Best Live Blogging:

[I almost wrote Lisa Barone & Barry Schwartz out of habit :-). Great job by Debra.]

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