Timo has Cancer

My mother’s middle dog, Timo, has just been diagnosed with cancer. She is a Rottweiler¬†mix. They say that it is common for Rottweilers to get this kind of cancer. She has had one of her front legs removed. They know that it’s bone cancer, but they aren’t sure the exact type yet. The leg has been sent to be biopsied. Once she gets the results, my mother will decide on the next course of action. If the cancer isn’t too invasive, Timo will go through 4 sessions of Chemotherapy. The main thing is to make sure that Timo’s quality of life stays at a high level.

Timo is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Even while the vet was removing some of the stiches, she didn’t try to bite or even growl at him. She seems to know that this is her fate, and she is trying to make the best of it. I hope she stays strong for a good long time.