Chemotherapy starts Sunday

I’m not sure how I feel about my mother putting her Rottweiler¬†mix, Timo, through chemotherapy. We got the results from the biopsy, and they aren’t good. Tim has the worst kind of cancer possible. The dog is no longer happy. Since her leg was removed, she seems very depressed. She is no longer interested in eating. My mom has taken to hand feeding her, hoping that she’ll pull out of it.

Besides the cancer, Timo was recently diagnosed with arthritis. She is putting a lot of stress on her 3 remaining legs. The vet had to make a house call to give her a cortisone shot. That did the trick, but I doubt that it’s more than a temporary solution.

I think that it’s time to put the dog down, but my mom isn’t ready to. My mother is putting herself through so much emotion pain. She says that she’s not ready to put Timo to sleep, but I don’t think that she’ll ever be ready. It’s hard to say goodbye.