Twitter is cool

I am really starting to become a twitter power users. The Pet Wiki is just shy of 150 followers. It’s really a lot of fun. Although it’s giving a name to The Pet Wiki, I haven’t figured out how to convert it to more page views. It’s true that the number of page views are up, but I was hoping it would have a greater impression than that. I’ll keep tweeting, and we’ll see where it goes. Either way, it’s a lot of fun.

I finally put the cat show pictures up. They look really good. There really isn’t anything like being there, but this does come close.

My mom has started o slow down on the number of entries that she is writing. She is concerned that she is going to run out of things to write. I’m less concerned. I told her not to worry, if she can’t think of anything, I can be a pest and make things up for her. There’s always fish :-).

Things are going pretty smoothly. There is a three session seminar that on social media that I am thinking about signing up for. I think that I know most of the stuff that is going to be covered in the 1st 2 sessions. but it will be good to have a refresher course. The last one talks about facebook apps and things that I haven’t started contemplating yet. It should be interesting.