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Monthly Archives: June 2010

First Rule of Management: First, Do No Harm

Kanban Board

Medical ethics begins with the principle primum non nocere, Do No Harm. It’s the first rule of management too. Not because harm caused may or may not be worse than harm not prevented. But because it is so common for managers to do more harm than good.

A recent study by Nielsen Co. found that

“Companies with less senior-management involvement in the new-product process generate 80% more revenue from new products than those with the highest levels of senior-management involvement …

“While we don’t dispute senior management’s strengths and good intentions, they are often too quick to… Continue reading

Microsoft, Mehdi, and Matt Cutts

Bing's Yusuf Mehdi

It seems that every search conference I attend Microsoft has a new guy representing them. And except when they sent Ballmer they’ve generally failed. Last year’s PubCon ended with a smackdown between the search engines, and Google’s Matt Cutts looked like he was sitting in his living room entertaining his guests while the Bing rep looked like a lost and uninvited guest. Sure, it helped that Google is dominating search, but it also helped that Matt is a regular with this crowd and Bing had no equivalent.

So it was a pleasant surprise when Bing’s Yusuf… Continue reading

Best of SMX Advanced 2010

SMX Advanced was fantastic! Here’s the best of the best:

Best Lessons:
  • Matt Cutts:
    • To the best of my knowledge Bounce Rate is not used in WebRankings
    • Google tries to break up words in a domain name, even when there are no hyphens.
  • Regarding MayDayupdate:
    • Matt Cutts: MayDay is largely Google knocking out pages that don’t pass a quality threshold. In addition to banning spam, they’re also kicking out low quality pages.
    • Vanessa Fox, Rae Hoffman, Greg Boser, and Stephan Spencer all later argued that the key to MayDay is that link value isn’t trickling as far… Continue reading

Get People to Put Your Message on Their Site

This is the presentation I’m giving at SMX Advanced 2010. With 2 of the livebloggers that were scheduled to cover this presentation out sick (feel better Lisa and Virginia), I figured I’d cover it myself. Don’t worry, I’ll be objective :-)

Recognizing myself

The presentation’s goal: that in 10 minutes the listeners will have thought up some good ideas for getting other people to put your message and links on their site.

Strategy 1: Make “your” message “This guy rocks!”


Flattery will get you pretty far. If you can bestow authority upon another person, he or she may… Continue reading

Perfect Reputation Recovery

Jim Joyce had just joined Denkinger, Bartman, Buckner, and Merkle in that special place in hell reserved for men whose momentary blunders denied others their historic baseball achievements. Armando Galarraga had suddenly and shockingly lost his spot as the 21st pitcher in Major League history to throw a perfect game.

Armando Galarraga

And then less than 24 hours later it was all reversed. No, better than reversed. The two gentlemen had suddenly become the center of the feel good story that touched the most cynical sports fans.

Galarraga started the turnaround by doing what almost nobody else would do after… Continue reading

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