Managing Greatness

Check it out. I’ve started a company called Managing Greatness. Well, my husband, Gil, officially started the company. We’re doing all the things I’ve been doing until now, but we’re going to be doing it better now cause there’s both of us. We help people develop a web strategy, analyze sites to promote better SEO and help people create a community around their content. It’s wonderfully fun work, and it’s even more fun that I get to do it with Gil.

A lot of people have asked me (and probably him too) isn’t it just too much time to spend with your spouse? Aren’t you scared that you’re going to kill each other? I have to say that it really hasn’t been a problem. We’ve done this a few times before. Many, many years ago (more year ago than I’d like to admit) we worked together on technical writing projects (don’t worry, he did the writing and this dyslexic did the technical drawings). We’ve also done a few programming projects for other people in the past. Our most recent venture together was the 10 years that we both worked at We’re really lucky, we have always been able to encourage and push each other to do better.

The first week of working together was a bit scary. I had been working in my office, all by myself, and all of a sudden I needed to share again. What made it even harder is that Gil’s desk hadn’t arrived yet, so we were squished together, without even enough room to stretch our arms. That’s a bit too close, even for us. The office is now completely set up and we have found our groove again.

It’s so wonderful for us to be working together again. I was good alone (if I may say so myself), but together, we really do great things.