Finding My Passion, Finding My Tribe


Friends (if you’re reading this, that includes you), can you help me out with this? For my birthday, my wife bought me a consulting package from Beyond Blogging. Step 1 is “Finding your passion.” They write:

“It’s essential for long term success to find a topic that you’re passionate about. …

Here’s a quick test: If you could blog on any topic for the next five years, and be paid $100,000 to do it, what would you choose? …

Can you … work on this project ‘until your eyeballs bleed?’

[great bloggers have] a real passion about their topics and a desire to share their knowledge with the world.”

So where’s my passion? The best validation I’ve had for this blog are three particular friends who came up to me and told me how much they like reading my blog. Maybe they were just being polite, but I’m going to pursue this passion on the assumption that it’s more than that.

My passion is the search. The questions more than the answers, and the unknown more than the known. The perfect life for me is filled with awe and humility and constant searching and questioning. And my passion is to share that journey.

I don’t want a monologue, I want a conversation, with others who are moved by the same search.

The worlds of online search and Q&A will often be the concrete topics discussed. Also issues of leadership, quality content, and successful teams, communities and companies.

Which leads to another question. Should I move this blog from to Or to somewhere else? The blog was originally going to be about management, but it’s been more about the search industry. I changed the tagline this morning to “searching and questioning, online and off”.

So I’m asking you for your thoughts. Does this blog need a more focused topic? Are you interested in carrying on a conversation on this blog? Does the theme of “searching and questioning, online and off” work? Is it time to move off of the current domain name? I appreciate your help.

Post Script (March 19, 2010): Well, one question that I’ve answered is that I’m sticking with “Managing Greatness.” Joel Spolsky wrote that a successful blog should be bigger than its author. The primary theme, expressed in the current tagline, is “Managing talent, encouraging greatness, and being your best.” I’m still searching and questioning. But I think the theme is helping each other become great.

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