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Lisa Barone: Creating Your Blogging Superhero

Lisa Barone may be my favorite blogger, so it was great finally getting a chance to hear her speak.

And we’re underway. Want to discuss the power of being strategically authentic instead of letting it all hang out.

Lisa Barone at BlogWorld

She’s the co-founder and Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media. Thinks of herself as a corporate blog voice-giver. That’s her passion, giving corporate blogs a voice.

“And as you probably know by now, I stutter.”

The fact that I stutter probably means that I understand the power of voice more than anyone else. I know what it’s like… Continue reading

Darren Rowse: Blogging from the Heart but Smart

I’ve been enjoying ProBlogger for a while so it was great to hear him in person at BlogWorld. Here’s the essence of his talk.

Darren Rowse at BlogWorld 2011 LA

I’d like to start with an experiment. Find a person next to you that you don’t know and ask them why they started blogging. [Think about your answer, I'll wait.] I asked this on Google Plus. At the beginning most people said something about “I had something I needed to say” or “I wanted to engage people” or “I wanted to help.”

Then some brave soul finally said “I heard… Continue reading

Best of BlogWorld LA 2011

BlogWorld was awesome. Here’s the best of the best:

Best Lines

Amber Naslund:

  • There are these big changes going on in how people interact, and we’re in charge. Are your parents scared? They should be.
  • Our top fear isn’t failure, it’s being blamed.
  • … they’d stone me to death. And not in the good way.

Mari Smith: I’m a raging extrovert. I often don’t know what I’m thinking until after I say it.

Debba Haupert : If you haven’t failed in Social Media, you haven’t tried Social Media. Start conversations, see what gets people to talk.

Darren… Continue reading

Best of SMX East 2010

Also see: Best of SMX East 2011

SMX East was great. Here was the best of the best:

Best lines:
  • Tom Petryshen: One of the best ways to motivate people is fear. But if you can’t do that you can try things like focus and discipline.
  • Geoff Donaker (Yelp CEO): With whom do we compete? Everybody and nobody. Do we compete with Google? 4Square? Yeah, sure …
  • Todd Friesen:
    • I liked the internet better when my idiot cousin didn’t know how to use it.
    • I have a friend who is experimenting with getting Mechanical Turk to do 500,000… Continue reading

Best of WordCamp Jerusalem

WordCamp Jerusalem had a very strong finish. Here’s the best of the best:

WordCamp Jerusalem

Best Lines:
  • Matt Mullenweg:
    • People have better things 2 do. The tool should be invisible. Take 1 sec from 15 mil users. That’s a lot of time.
    • (Discussing WordPress history): Some of the conversations were a bit combative. But you guys should be fine with that.
    • 3.0 was just meant to be the version after 2.9. It wasn’t meant to signify a major release. [and in response to laughter:] Really!
    • Joel Spolsky said it takes 10 years to make great software. WordPress is 8.… Continue reading
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