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Wow, this was the last session of the day at SMX Toronto, and I think all our heads were spinning, mostly from the rapid presentation of so many fascinating tools.

Joshua Dreller

Fuor Digital‘s Joshua Dreller went first:

Josh Dreller
Josh Dreller

Google Search Based Keyword Tool

  • Google’s already telling you this is a relevant page, so you’ll get a good Quality Score


  • Bucket your keywords by searcher intent
    • Browser bucket: What is it, how do I use it
    • Shopper bucket: Review, compare
    • Buyer bucket: Buy

Keyword Lizard

  • Keyword permutation tool
  • Quickly creates keyword phrases

We don’t like the Broad Match, we think it’s too wide. So we use phrase match, and we create lots of permutations.


  • Build Log Tail Lists from Core Terms plus modifiers
  • Group them
  • Server side dynamic landing page builder

(He hasn’t tried it yet, just found out about it)

Compete SearchAnalytics (their PRO tool)


  • Examine every aspect of your comptitors’ PPC/SEO campaigns
  • Helps with budget estimates


  • Audience Measurement Reporting


Microsoft AdLabs

  • Keyword mutation tool. Common misspellings, alternate phrasings.
  • Demographics predictor.
  • Detecting online commercial intention


  • Expand your inventory, search retargeting

Ken Jurina

I think we were all already dizzy and then Ken Jurina (@kenjurina) finished us off. Thankfully you can peruse his full SEO tools presentation at your leisure. Here’s what I got:

Ken Jurina
Ken Jurina
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    • FREE
    • Use: Paid & organic keyword research, & competition
    • Pros: Use Google’s search data, Local search volume (but only for prev. month)
    • Looking for high volume, low competition
  • Google operators
    • Such as allintitle: , allinanchor
  • Soovle
    • Keyword research, content creation, insight
    • See search suggestions around a given concept from different perspectives
    • Shows suggestions from Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, YouTube, (woo hoo!) and Amazon
  • SEOmoz Linkscape
    • Link building, competitive link analysis
    • Basic is Free. $80 / month for Pro up to $230 / month for Elite
  • SpyFu
    • Keyword research
    • Lots of free stuff, or $60 / month
  • BackTweets
  • FF & Chrome plug ins:
    • SEO Quake: Chrome & FF. Get PR, inboud links and other info at a glance
    • SEO Site Tools (Chrome): Quick & Easy, packed, free. Don’t capitalize SEOmoz correctly, and they don’t put an ! after Yahoo!
    • SEOmoz Toolbar (FF). Quick access to LInkscape metrics. Some features are PRO only. Can change User Agent. Show No Follow, Pro version Shows Page / Domain authority, list of links
    • Web Developer (Chrome & FF). Take control over CSS, forms, images, and more.
  • Know’em: Social Media / brand management
  • Epiar Negative Keyword Lists (NKL) [His product]. Not Free. To save you lots of money on your campaigns by getting the right negative keywords.

For more details, see his whole SEO tools presentation.

John Hossack

John Hossack
John Hossack

Last up was John Hossack from VKI Studios, who thankfully gave a slower presentation, focusing on just 2 tools.

Logic 361

  • Helps you analyze your ad campaign
  • For example, shows a section of your non-value generating keywords. “You can call them Investments or Money Wasters, depending on the client.”

Omniture Search Center

Who here has used it: A few hands. Is anybody here still using it? 1 hand.

Useful for

  • $75k+ monthly spend
  • Predominatnly search (not content) network
  • Multiple networks
  • Omniture Site Catalyst customer

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