Best of KahenaCon

Lot of great lessons from KahenaCon. Here were the best:Best_of_KahenaCon

Best lines

Aaron Friedman:

  • I have these companies paying me a ton of money and I say can you change this title tag and they’re like No.
  • SEO is a support role for everyone else. That’s how you need to look at it.
  • Whatever you do give 100%. Unless you’re giving blood.

Jon Burg: I’ll pay you guys for laughs after. I know it’s not authentic, but it works.

Best tips

Ben Lang (outreach):

5 steps to reaching out to bloggers:

  1. Find the relevant writer.
  2. Find their email using Rapportive (a Gmail add-in). Try combinations of first and last names and initials at their company, until you see an email connected to social network accounts.
  3. Come up with an angle that provides value to the blogger. For example, “You’re one of the first to see this, if you want we’ll give you 100 licenses and an exclusive.”
  4. Write them a very short e-mail.
  5. Follow up using their social media accounts you found on Rapportive. Tweet them that you just shot them an e-mail. Maybe first ReTweet something from them.


Yehosua Coren (metrics and optimization):

  • When you analyze, focus on landing pages instead of keywords.
  • Don’t just think about the Macro Conversions. Also think about the Micro Conversions. Adding to Shopping Cart. View of Product Page. Viewed at least 5 Pages.
  • Google Analytics has a great API for user timings. If you know somebody watched 75% of your video and didn’t buy you can remarket specifically to that condition.
  • If somebody went to a page that had a TBD on it but didn’t purchase, you can retarget specifically to that.
  • Measure scrolling behavior, not just sharing behavior (hat tip: Shara Shetrit).
  • Export metrics to Excel and use conditional formatting.

Tal Zilberman (optimization)


  1. Get users in the front door
  2. Get them to the ah-ha moment as fast as possible
  3. Deliver core product offer as frequently as possible

Just figure out how to move users from one stage to the next.

Jon Burg (social media):

  • What you’re creating needs to Shareable, Share worthy, and Designed for sharing
  • When somebody has a great Tweet or comment, Go to Zazzle and make a custom T-Shirt with their Tweet. It will cost you $15.
  • There should always be a next action

Best Tweets

@mdavep: the top 20 tweets in my stream are 19 from #kahenacon and 1 from @netanyahu threatening iran #totallynormal (hat tip: Liz Cohen)

@YakirHyman: That awkward moment when you realize you’re still wearing your name tag from #kahenacon hours after conference ends.

Best Twitter Smackdown

It all started when Aaron Friedman declared a 3-5 minute break.

I snarkily Tweeted

  • @GilR: We’re going to take a 3-5 minute break. ~@AaronFriedman I love the naivete of new Olim, it’s so cute

(Olim are people who moved to Israel. Aaron moved to Israel last week.)

Joke was on me. 4 minutes later we had these Tweets:

(Olim vatikim are people who moved to Israel a long time ago).

Best Pics

Real Jerusalem Streets

Best Coverage

Liz Cohen, Context, Content, and Contacts at KahenaCon