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What’s new and what’s coming in search? SMX Israel keynote from Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz gave the SMX Israel keynote about 2013 search highlights, and what’s coming in 2014.

Biggest changes of 2013

Hummingbird flew under the radar at first. Nobody even knew about it until Google announced it a few weeks later, but it’s changing the search landscape. Google is now much better at divining the intent behind the search.

Penguin 2.0 launched May 22, 2013. Only affected 2.3% of queries, but had major effect on SEO community. Google penalizing what they considered bad link building.

Panda is Rolling. Google stopped confirming Panda updates. Finally baked it directly into their… Continue reading

Google Now marketing: Get your business processes and relationships into Google

Google Now appointment

In the 90s businesses had to get their computer networks to know all of the information that was in their paper documents. They even had to teach those computers how to talk to other companies’ computers. It was a lot of work, and there were a lot of missteps, but the information revolution really did deliver on its promises.

Internet marketers are at a similar stage today. In what we used to call “the real world” we may have products and services. Hopefully we have satisfied customers. We may have a physical location. Our customers may have… Continue reading

Best of KahenaCon

Lot of great lessons from KahenaCon. Here were the best:

Best lines

Aaron Friedman:

  • I have these companies paying me a ton of money and I say can you change this title tag and they’re like No.
  • SEO is a support role for everyone else. That’s how you need to look at it.
  • Whatever you do give 100%. Unless you’re giving blood.

Jon Burg: I’ll pay you guys for laughs after. I know it’s not authentic, but it works.

Best tips

Ben Lang (outreach):

5 steps to reaching out to bloggers:

  1. Find the relevant writer.
  2. Find their email… Continue reading

Google, AI and the future of SEO

Anybody remember Google’s first April Fool’s joke?

I’ll get to that in a second. Quick hint is Steven Levy’s observation that the real Google April Fool’s joke was that “even the scariest plans that Google joked about were the kind of thing that Google’s leaders actually dreamed about.” Google is obsessed with artificial intelligence. Giving you the web page for which you searched is only the first use-case which Google solved. They’re already past that.

Some things they already started doing, or are very close to:

Best of SMX Israel 2013

Best lines and lessons

Roi Ben Ami:

  • Females always win. [Discussing A/B test results regarding male vs female faces on landing pages]
  • Successful landing pages help the user paint the picture of what happens after the conversion.

Uri Breitman: If you delete a site, you have to shift delete it. You can’t redirect its pages to a new domain. [Asked about deleting a site hit by Penguin and redirecting the pages].

Shira Abel:

  • It takes about ten times of hearing about a brand till you trust it. That’s why social works and why it’s so hard to… Continue reading
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