Best of SMX Israel 2012

Ah, SMX Israel. Marty Weintraub, Michael King and others flying to Israel to join Israel’s top SEOs. I get to go to a great conference without flying anywhere. And great Kosher food. This is the life. Here were the best lines:

Best Lines

Best of SMX Israel

Roman Zelvenschi: Nobody knows how to pronounce my last name, but that’s OK, I rank number 1 for it.

Eli Feldblum: Use schema. Do it now. Seriously. You have an internet-connected device with you.

Eli Feldblum: We’ve reached the point where “normal” blue text links get lost in the noise on a Google SERP.

Barry Schwartz: Google is recommending … Doesn’t mean you should do it … Just saying.

Shira Abel: Google owns you. Get used to it.

Marty Weintraub: Facebook owns you too.

Marty Weintraub: Use Facebook to target businesses. Raise your hand if you have a FB account. Raise your hand if you have a job. See …

Tomer Honen (from Google): We got better at Flash. Right about the time people stopped using it

Olivier Amar: When you’re in-house you pay a lot more attention to long term. Because you still want to be here.

Ofer Dascalu: Some people say “publishers and Google are partners.” My partners reply to my e-mails. They pick up the phone when I call.

Michael King: When you interact with people on Twitter don’t use the same account that you use to Tweet SEO articles. That’s like trying to pick up a girl while holding a book called How to Be a Pickup Artist.

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